zaterdag 10 mei 2008

Introducing ourselves ~~~~~~~~~~~ in English Breeding technique and approach

Photos taken from a japanese press coverage

Introducing Lievens Specialised Natural GouldBreeding Belgium
My name is Lester, son of Ivan Lievens, the latter since 1978 being a straightforwarded natural breeding developer and specialised gouldian breeder, colour specialising in longfeathered green backed purple breasted, both with and without darkfactor, furthermore also specialising in white breasted and male single factored Europastel. Although our breeding house has always maintained all three head colours in equal numbers, we are today best known for our orange heads. And of course, for our approach in non-manipulated bird feeding / bird food.

QUOTE I. Lievens, on distinguishing fairy tales from the rest :
"Experience is gradually growing knowledge derived from breeding practice. If it is to be an optimal learning experience, then preferably with a serious theoretical basis and background. Knowledge of theory comes in handy when beforehand having to distinguish myths, fables and fairy tales from the rest. Gouldians have no mystery aura around them; they are just mere splendid juwellike birds, massively carrying great potential for high stamina and reproduction. By origin there are no weak nor uncapable gouldian finches; there are however enough men rendering gouldians weak. In many and various ways. It's as simple as that."

The Lievens gouldian house foster free from day 1.
Consequently we are a fairly well known, but nevertheless relatively small natural breeding house carrying a long status of specialisation, amongst others emphasizing on the level of non-manipulated bird food /feeding and severe spontaneous selection. Therefor meaning : without any egg collecting, without any chemical medication schemes or other selection manipulation. Only gouldians proving themselves well capable of enthusiastically reproducing without man's artificial interventions, will push their genes through to the next generations. Only capable gouldians are allowed to define the face of the species. In this way capable gouldians alone determine the strength of the species.

Indoor natural breeding at low temperatures
The Lievens gouldian house equals indoor coldbreeding at daytime temperatures between 48°F/9°C & 59°F/15°C. A mere glance at this type of broadbreasted birds each time suffices, the birds speak for themselves.
Already on 2 occasions have we had the opportunity of also seeing this type of long feathered gouldians at other breeding locations, once in the Czech Republic, a second time in Switzerland. One recognizes this type on the spot.

The house philosophy at our premises is quite simple :
Gouldians are but truly authentic, only when proving to be able and self reproductive breeding birds, moreover showing off an enormous adaptability. For that in fact is the gouldian’s true character and nature by origin, through evolution and offspring. At which moment we are obliged to repeat : By origin there are no weak nor uncapable gouldian finches; there are however enough men rendering gouldians weak. In various ways. Good gouldians deserve good breeders. And vice versa : good breeders deserve good gouldians. It's as simple as that.

To see photos of breeding birds, click here.

>>> Ivan Lievens adressed by a French delegation in Aalst, Sept. 2008. One brief verbal contact tells more than a 1000 mails.

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