zaterdag 26 november 2011

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"You'll never
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for all keepers of gouldians, in case of urgency call 003253838224 for expert consult (or at least promptly rush to the vet, whichever the problem related to gouldian health and/or directly / indirectly to all healthiness facilities in the breeding room)

Consulter & résolution problèmes :

pour tout amateur de gould, en cas d'urgence appeler 003253838224 pour consultation d 'expertise (ou au moins allez dardar voir le vétérinaire, n'importe le problème relaté à la santé des goulds, et/ou directement / indirectement à toute facilité sanitaire dans la maison d'élevage)

Consult & probleemoplossing :

voor alle gouldhouders, bij hoogdringendheid bel 003253838224 voor expertiseconsult (of stap anders direct naar de dierenarts, welk ook het probleem, zij het direct of indirect gerelateerd aan gouldamadine-gezondheid en alle voorzieningen daartoe op het kweekhok)

" You will never walk alone " 003253838224

zaterdag 5 november 2011

Chain-fosterer's statement of the century,
anno 2012 still splattered all over the internet

Mike Fidler gouldian finch complete soft food sprouting seeds, Birds r us at on fostering matters talking pretentious and irresponsable always trying to cloud the obvious commercial intentions brutalising nature's by practising systematical selection falsification; selectievervalsing door pleegbroedfabrieken


is a great supplementary technique but very labour intensive and time consuming. A large number of people think that fostering is the easy option, where, in fact, nothing is further from the truth. It takes a lot of preparation and a lot of skill to foster..."
                                (according to M. Fidler, former chain-fosterer)

Whatever could this person mean... and what are his intentions when claiming skill and effort in practising artificial selection falsification... Or subsequently, what about the skill of respecting nature's mechanisms by practising the original of natural breeding...?? Not good enough, is it.. ? Why is that, one wonders ...
MARGIN QUOTING ♫♪♫ If you can't be in awe of Mother Nature, there's something wrong with you.
Alex Trebek
Now what in fact is the essence here of Fidler's above claim "nothing is further from the truth"...?, the above actually being a formidable promotion for artificial gouldian foster practices, attempting to obscure the obvious. For the obvious no longer permitted to be obvious by creating self-excusing smoke screens, some people are indeed taking other people further from the truth :
...While indeed, dear Madam, chain-fostering is such an noble occupation (sic), logically only practised by noble people to be admired for their strength of character and endurance(sic), their enourmous technical skills (sic) and delivered labour intensive efforts (sic), because they so willingly invest all they ever can in this immensely time consuming work... (sic).

That is of course, if it were up to internet-worldwide statements like Fidler's to decide on merit and credibility, in a world rendered to become but a large village by globalised media. But is it anno 2012 really up to this kind of statements, not only to decide on merit and credibility, but also attempting to decide on skill and willingness ? Especially when establishing that this same person takes the liberty of making the obscure statements in the way he does, but in the proces all too gladly forgets to emphasize he himself is a somewhat "slightly-heavily" biased party in this matter. Why so, one might wonder...

For did the man stating to the world that "fostering is great" himself not used to be one of thé largest European commercial chain-fosterers of gouldians ever having walked this planet, himself commercially exploiting gouldians by yearly producing up to 3000 fostered birds, or even more... So how much "supplementary" can chain-fostering in fact be...
MARGIN QUOTING ♫♪♫ That's the thing about Mother Nature, she really doesn't care what economic bracket you're in.
Whoopi Goldberg
Meanwhile day-to-day reality is always just behind the pretense-façade, stating in massive numbers, even today :

Chain-fostering by       all means is the technique designed by    and for    the u t m ost and utterly technically unskilled and unqualified, but at the same instant also improper-business minded men and large scale selection-falsifiers, strictly prioritising "economic sense", each of them yearly and individually chain-producing multiple hundreds, even thousands of weak-weaker-weakest birds with increasingly deviating social characteristics and - generation by generation- steadily worsening degeneration in auto-productivity and parental behaviour. All of these actions year after year carried out with one main priority only : reaching high production numbers in order to achieve what is smoothly referred to as "economic sense". Commercially preying on a bird species makes "economic sense" indeed. No doubt about it. Common sense calls it "commercial exploitation of gouldians".

That’s the way the cooky crumbles, has always crumbled, and will always be admitted to remain crumbling… as long as statements as Mike Fidler's above are declared as a good enough example to be followed, despite all of its adverse effects on health, stamina and productivity of the species.

Since the mid 70's natural breeding pioneers of gouldians have been carrying the torch, steadily and cautiously securing nature's mechanisms to ensure health and strength of the species. Within their sustained efforts lies real technical skill and expertise, for decades on end protecting the gouldian as a species.
Since the early 90’s chain-fostering is within the breeders' circuit increasingly louder being called by its true colours, chain-fostering for decades having commercially been preying upon the gouldian as a species, in the process causing and deteriorating all of the established degeneration effects.
As such, its true colours of falsifying selection and species’ weakening features today still increasingly emerge, ever increasingly mortgaging the authentic nature and character of the species.
It was primarily the Dutch –being backed up by some foreign pioneers- providing the large scale organisation unifying all those being willing and able to breed gouldians in a natural manner within a sustained and prolonged model, without damaging health nor parental capabilities of the own species.
Only if and when they are really good at what they are doing, natural breeders of (parent-raised) gouldians will on average get 5-6 young gouldians per couple, per season. But at least it will be gouldians bred without falsifying nature’s mechanisms, protecting the gouldian’s enormous, natural self-reproductive ability.

Of course no chain-fosterer’s mentality will ever find itself indulged and gratified when having to work harder for much lesser outcome and revenue, remembering Fidler’s (internet published) fostering goal of -hold on to your socks!- 25 up to 30 young gouldians per production gouldian couple, when subsequently being "faced with the horror" of natural- breeding-results at the most delivering “only 5" naturally bred young gouldians on average per couple, per year. Of course only if and when one actually is prepared to give it tremendously more effort and skill than chain-fosterers as a rule indulge themselves to do.

On the other end of the spectrum, no sensible man or woman alive on this planet - while respecting nature’s mechanisms-, will even dream of being able to yearly realise authentical breeding results of 25-30 young gouldians on average out of one breeding pair; figures entirely as chain-fosterers anno 2012 plainly keep on declaring to be so called “normal objectives”. And of course this kind of contra-natural objective indeed becomes quite possible to achieve when artificially preying on the gouldian for the sole purpose of big numbers – and big bucks. In the meantime it is the gouldian as a species paying the price, each generation increasingly ever more.
Today the natural approach of actually breeding authentic parent- raised gouldians has provided the opportunity for willing and able breeders from around the world to step into the natural breeding initiative as officially issued in the Netherlands in the early 90's. Since the mid 90's there even exists a specialised club solely for natural breeders of gouldians, handling a strictly regulated membership today counting some 700-800 inspired, skilled and willing gouldian breeders from all corners of the world. A membership number steadily rising.

All of these skilled and willing breeders have carefully thought it through :
If artificially fostering gouldians indeed really were to be so “great”, as dear Mr. Fidler is splattering over the internet in an extensive promotion article smoothing over his chain-fostering past, how much greater then is naturally breeding parent-raised gouldians, not damaging but indeed respecting nature’s mechanisms. Simply so as not to weaken and hollow the species – weakening and hollowing the species being year after year done by each and every chain-fosterer and their specialised predation on the species… - Keeping up appearances has long enough outlived its expiration date, for common sense urges : "How much supplementary is yearly producing 3000 degenerating gouldians..."
MARGIN QUOTING ♫♪♫ Mother Nature may be forgiving this year, or next year, but eventually she's going to come around and whack you.
Geraldo Rivera
So exactly how much a protector of the gouldian species can one be, when clearly speaking and acting like a predator on the gouldian as the species ? And above all, anno 2012 still sticking to defending one's own systematical chain foster predation on the gouldian species ? How much supplementary can that be? The pretense-façade has long reached its expiration date. High time for renewed respect towards mother nature's mechanisms. No one can outsmart nature for too long. Better beware all abuse always comes boomeranging back in a big long arc curve, no matter what pretense-façade is being held up.

In the meantime :

"Breeding strong and capable gouldians without renouncing nature's mechanisms, consequently keeping far away from any chain-foster selection falsification whatsoever, is protecting the species, at the same time securing the species’ future for man's generations to come."
                                                        (dixit Ivan W.J. Lievens,
                                   natural breeding pioneer of gouldians)

As such :
For all breeders of gouldians there is no -nor has there ever been- a paradigm shift of nature's original, despite any feints whatsoever : respect for nature's mechanisms applies to all. All the rest regrettably is much further from the truth. Too much.

NEDERLANDSE TITEL : De claim van pleegbroed geanalyseerd / de stelling van de eeuw uit de mond van pleegbroedfabrikanten
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♫♪♫ That's the thing about Mother Nature, she really doesn't care what economic bracket you're in. Whoopi Goldberg

♫♪♫ If you can't be in awe of Mother Nature, there's something wrong with you. Alex Trebek

♫♪♫ Mother Nature may be forgiving this year, or next year, but eventually she's going to come around and whack you. You've got to be prepared. Geraldo Rivera