vrijdag 22 mei 2015

FULL MOON and breeding launch

Rising full moon over the valley. And over the light-transparent roof of the Lievens breeding house quarters. Bigger an influence on breeding launch behaviour of black beaked hens than most gouldian keepers might suspect. Or expect. Pairing up hormonally well balanced gouldian hens with their respective male partners in heath, 5-7 days before full moon, may -when handled correctly- considerably lower threshold levels of female acceptance, at the same time stimulating couple complementarity and nursing balance throughout the several stages of the following months of breeding.

It is a factor in this breeding house always having been taken into account, at least in the course of the most recent 20-25 years, whenever nature allowed it providing a clear night sky sparing us from cloudy blankets. Breeders are advised to look in to the specifics of this lever mechanism. One just might surprise oneself.

Postscriptum :
...Feeling somewhat stunned reading this...? Subsequently perhaps followed by trying and rationalizing this breeder somewhere along the road has lost it completely...? Or are you able to consider the other option...? and investigate on the influence of moon cycles on animal activity...? and specifically on gouldian female hormonal biorythms ? Take a leap... and surprise yourself.